#AHT: Christmas and New Year celebration for orphanage beneficiaries!

Warm clothes, sweets, children’s literature, drawing notebooks, pencils, felt-tip pens – this is a small list of the gifts with which “American Hospital Tbilisi” helped one of Tbilisi’s orphanages and made Christmas and New Year’s days more beautiful.

To warm up the cold, colorless days of winter, and to cheer up the parents’ heat-deprived little ones, the representatives of AHT created a festive mood for the little ones.

Among the gifts was the American Hospital Tbilisi branded gift box, which the children especially liked.

The cold, dreary winter day, but lit up by the shining eyes of children in orphanage, ended with a hand hygiene training organized by AHT. AHT nurses introduced the rules of proper hand washing to the children.

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