American Hospital Tbilisi

American Hospital Tbilisi

#AHT: Dr. Roin Rekvava - Risk Factors and Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
#AHT: Dr. Levan Karazanishvili - a unique shunting method used during surgery
#AHT: Dr. Vano Saparishvili and Dr. Khatia Datunashvili - Tumors of the oral mucosa
#AHT: Dr. Giorgi Kherodinashvili and  Dr.Irakli Paichadze - gallstone diseases and treatment
#AHT: Natalia Kalandarishvili about quality and safety in medical field
#AHT: Dr. Luka Palavandishvili talks about the Musculoskeletal system
#AHT: Dr. Koba Sakchidze and  Dr. Irakli Papaskua - How to take care of facial skin?
#AHT Dr. Koba Sakhechidze and Dr. Roin Rekvava - thoracoscopic sympathectomy
#AHT: Dr. Archil Tsuladze, Dr. Nini Gzirishvili - Causes of snoring and ways to solve the problem
#AHT: Nursing service and education at American Hospital Tbilisi
#AHT: Dr. Irakli Paichadze - Endoscopic and gastroscopic examinations
#AHT: Dr. David Nikoleishvili - the most common prostate diseases
#AHT: Dr. Vano Saparishvili - Maxilofacial pain and joint inflammation
#AHT: Dr. Lela Tabidze - Gouty arthritis and its diagnosis
#AHT: Spina bifida - A successful surgery on a newborn patient
#AHT: Dr. Lali Bugadze - Lung diseases, Spirometry
#AHT: International Clinical Conference - TSU and American Hospital Tbilisi
#AHT: Our oncologists on screening, breast cancer and its prevention
#AHT: Dr. Koba Sakchidze - Bariatric Surgery
#AHT: Dr. Zviad Kipiani - Season and Heart Failure
#AHT: Dr. Nino Gzirishvili and Dr. Edisher Maghalashvili - Epilepsy Surgery at American Hospital Tbilisi
#AHT: Dr. Levan Kajaia – Flat feet in children
#AHT: Maka Lomitashvili – Patient School for Oncology Department
AHT: Dr. Irma Atabegashvili and Dr. Tamar Tkhomelidze about the role of Ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology
#HTV: Successful Surgery – Acute stroke is curable
#AHT: Successful operation – Congenital Arrhythmias are treatable
Dr. Roin Rekvava - Heart rhythm disorders and arrhythmia
#AHT: Dr. Davit Shengelia - Interventional Radiology, manipulations and transarterial chemoembolization
Dr.Levan Amaglobeli - Coronary Angiography, stenting and its implementation
Dr. Davit Zakradze - cluster diseases, treatment and rehabilitation
Dr. Elene Rostiashvili about AHT Emergency department
JCI Regional Director - Murat Kucukkaya’s visit to American Hospital Tbilisi
Dr. Giorgi Obgaidze - causes of frequent injuries and first signs of joint damage
Giorgi Kherodinashvili - Emergency surgeries

The first international patient at the American Hospital in Tbilisi

Vano Saparishvili - Maxillofacial surgery

Buba Shalamberidze - intervertebral disc hernia

Giorgi Kenchadze - Varicose veins and symptoms of venous insufficiency

Irakli Papaskua - Treatment of varicose veins with the latest methods

Visit of Mark Sinclair, German orthopedist to American Hospital in Tbilisi

Edisher Magalashvili - The human central nervous system and its diseases

Maria Lipka - Tips for Preventing Seasonal Influenza or COVID-19 in Children

Natia Jokhadze - Risks of tumor development

Levan Kajaia - Scoliosis in children and doctor's recommendations

Tamar Tskhomelidze - COVID-19 and gynecological problems

Nino Gzirishvili - The effect of COVID-19 on the human nervous system

Roin Rekvava - The impact of postcoid syndrome on the cardiovascular system

Kakhaber Todua - Tumors of the skin, soft tissues and bone

Irakli Papaskua - the most demanded cosmetological procedures

Zviad Kipiani - Cardiovascular complications caused by COVID 19

Nino Gabidzashvili - Diabetes mellitus and fruit intake rules

"We swear!" - American Hospital Tbilisi (AHT)

American Hospital Tbilisi (AHT) Information Tour

Davit Nikoleishvili - Urological diseases, their prevention and ways of treatment

Koba Sakhechidze - Bariatric Surgery


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