Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery General OverviewWho needs bariatric surgeryWhat does the preparation period include?Surgical methodsRepeat bariatric surgeriesPostoperative period, rehabilitationFrequently Asked QuestionsOur doctorsWe are preparing for your visit General Overview People use many techniques to shed weight, including exercise, nutrition, and various medications; but, in the event of abnormal weight, these methods are ineffectual and surgical intervention is […]

Transplant Surgery

Transplant Surgery General OverviewOrgan TransplantationServicesOur Doctors AHT, without leaving the hospital, offers patients the services of all specialists involved in their preparation and subsequent management. The transplant team is guided by the latest guidelines and protocols. In addition, by means of telemedicine, complex cases are discussed together with foreign colleagues. An individual approach is carried […]

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Overview ServicesIndications for surgery Preparation for surgeryFrequantly asked questionsOur doctors Overview In the Department of Plastic Surgery – the “Art Of care” at American Hospital Tbilisi, we perform all types of aesthetic surgery, employing the most advanced techniques to achieve the best and most natural outcomes for our patients, as safely as possible. […]

Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine Surgery General Overview Our ServicesThyroid gland pathologiesFrequently asked questionsPreparing for your visit Overview “American Hospital Tbilisi” – AHT, offers treatment of endocrinological pathologies by international standards and the latest medical technological means, both surgically and mini-invasively or laparoscopically. Endocrinology surgery focuses on surgery of the hormone-producing glands of the human body: Thyroid gland; Parathyroid […]

Arthritis Center

Arthritis Center Overview Understanding of arthritisOsteoarthritisRheumatoid arthritisPsoriatic arthritisGoutOsteoporosisOur Doctors Overview The Arthritis Center provides a comprehensive range of services that a rheumatic patient may require at various phases of diagnosis or therapy. The Arthritis Center at American Hospital is staffed by a team of professional rheumatologists and is equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables accurate diagnosis […]