Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine Surgery General Overview Our ServicesThyroid gland pathologiesFrequently asked questionsPreparing for your visit Overview “American Hospital Tbilisi” – AHT, offers treatment of endocrinological pathologies by international standards and the latest medical technological means, both surgically and mini-invasively or laparoscopically. Endocrinology surgery focuses on surgery of the hormone-producing glands of the human body: Thyroid gland; Parathyroid […]

Arthritis Center

Arthritis Center Overview Understanding of arthritisOsteoarthritisRheumatoid arthritisPsoriatic arthritisGoutOsteoporosisOur Doctors Overview The Arthritis Center provides a comprehensive range of services that a rheumatic patient may require at various phases of diagnosis or therapy. The Arthritis Center at American Hospital is staffed by a team of professional rheumatologists and is equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables accurate diagnosis […]


Arrhythmology OverviewTypes of ArrhythmiaElectrophysiological LaboratoryExams and treatmentsFrequently Asked QuestionsMediaOur doctors We are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders and we are among the most advanced national centers in this area. The Hospital  is a reference in the area of cardiac electrophysiology and  Arrhythmology. Our technological resources are among the most advanced […]

Epilepsy and Sleep Disorders

Neurology & Neurological Sciences OverviewUnderstanding of epilepsyEpilepsy Diagnostic TestingEpilepsy Monitoring UnitEpilepsy SurgeryOur Training and EducationFrequently Asked QuestionsOur doctorsPreparing for your visit An epilepsy center is a special unit in a clinic or hospital that provides comprehensive care for people with epilepsy and seizures. Epilepsy center specialists are experts in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of […]


American Hospital Tbilisi – AHT Department of Surgery is equipped with advanced, high-tech, American and European equipment and modern surgical instruments. Most surgical interventions will be performed with minimally invasive techniques – with the help of KARL STORZ 4K, 3D and Olympus 4K, 3D video endo systems, and ultrasonic scalpel – THUNDERBEAT. The higher image […]

Intensive Care

American Hospital Tbilisi – AHT Resuscitation Department, with 23 beds, is equipped with ultra-modern medical equipment. Taking care of patients’ health and ensuring their maximum safety in accordance with international standards is a top priority for professional medical staff. The AHT Resuscitation Department consists of four sub-units: Cardiac ICU (Postoperative Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) – […]


Radiology OverviewX-raysHow X-rays worksWhen x-ray examinations are usedPreparing for the X-rayComputer Tomography (CT)When a CT scan is usedPreparation for CT-scanAfter CT scansWhen MRI is usedMRI scan procedureAfter MRI scansOur DoctorsPreparing for your visit American Hospital Tbilisi Radiology Department has a wide range of imaging equipment to diagnose various conditions or illnesses. Most people visiting our […]


Laboratory Overview Laboratory Equipment Laboratory ServicesWhat is laboratory research Proper Preparation for laboratory ResearchFrequently Asked QuestionOur team Preparing for your visit Lab (Laboratory) Department The operations of the AHT (American Hospital Tbilisi) Laboratory are based on international quality and management standards. In turn, these standards guarantee the most precise diagnosis – with correct and timely […]