Plastic Surgery


In the Department of Plastic Surgery – the “Art Of care” at American Hospital Tbilisi, we perform all types of aesthetic surgery, employing the most advanced techniques to achieve the best and most natural outcomes for our patients, as safely as possible.

ART OF CARE is a unique service and your full cycle of care in the journey of becoming who you want to be.

More than just a plastic surgery clinic, ART OF CARE is a ten-step philosophy designed by professionals as an innovative system of 360-degree patient support.

Mammoplasty, or breast correction, is one of our most popular procedures, either as part of a full- body rehabilitation following pregnancy or for other reasons. For augmentations, we modify the size and shape of the breast, using either implants or the patient’s own fat for augmentations. We also perform hybrid mammoplasty, combining smaller implants with a transplantation of the patient’s own fat cells. This helps us to obtain the most natural looking outcome and harmonious proportions. Since we use a self-absorbing material, the patient does not require regular long-term wound dressings, and the sutures do not need to be removed. For breast reductions, we remodel the patient’s own mammary gland. Finally, we employ breast lifting to restore youthful and feminine forms.


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