#AHT: The eldest patient at American Hospital Tbilisi recovered!

A 94-year-old woman was discharged from the general surgery department of American Hospital Tbilisi (AHT) after a serious operation. The eldest  patient of American Hospital Tbilisi, was brought in by her son in a very serious condition. He states that after the difficult operation, which was successfully completed, patient, feels well, for which he thanks the hospital’s medical staff.

According to Dr. Giorgi Kherodinashvili, the Head of the General Surgery Department of American Hospital Tbilisi, who performed the most difficult operation on patient, patient’s health condition was aggravated even more by her age and concomitant diseases.

“Due to calculous gangrenous cholecystitis, the lady underwent surgery – laparoscopic cholecystectomy. After the operation, our oldest patient is doing well, although she was in very serious condition when she came in. Her health condition was aggravated even more by the disease, as well as old age and other concomitant diseases,” said Dr. Giorgi Kherodinashvili.

After the successful completion of the most difficult operation, patient’s health condition is satisfactory and she has already been discharged from the hospital

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