#AHT: International Webinar was held at American Hospital Tbilisi

An online webinar was held on Saturday, April 16, at the American Hospital in Tbilisi (AHT), with the participation of Georgian and foreign endoscopists. “Clinical, endoscopic and pathological parallels of esophageal, gastric and duodenal diseases between patients” – this was the topic of the webinar, which was led by Dr. Irakli Paichadze, Chief Surgeon-Endoscopist of AHT Endoscopic Service.


As part of the collaboration between AHT and OLYMPUS Continuum, various pathologies were discussed at the webinar, although in parallel, video transmissions of endoscopic diagnostics of specific pathologies and biopsy cases were also held. After that, a detailed discussion took place between Georgian and foreign endoscopists.


According to Dr. Irakli Paichadze, this event laid the foundation for the future and sustainable cooperation of OLYMPUS Continuum and “American Hospital Tbilisi” as a reliable, high quality, and ranking party. He said the webinar highlighted the technical capabilities of OLYMPUS and its advantages in modern practice, which allows doctors to introduce new diagnostic or treatment standards in the management of various diseases.

“The cooperation between AHT and OLYMPUS will be held regularly, both in the American Hospital in Tbilisi – a hospital with a high standard of medical services, as well as abroad – to introduce new practical aspects in our facility,” – said Dr. Irakli Paichadze.



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