#AHT: American Hospital Tbilisi commenced operating

On October 20, a new, innovative, high-tech American Hospital Tbilisi (AHT) commenced operating in the center of Tbilisi. The hospital depends on the synchronized affairs of numerous, highly qualified specialists and the teamwork principle with the challenge to become an icon of hope in the Georgian medical field.

The management of the 183-bed hospital has the drive to change the medical map of Georgia and the region! Multi-profile hospital with five Centers of Excellence including Heart, Vascular, and Lung disease Center, Neuroscience & Neurology, Advanced and minimally invasive surgery, Orthopedic center, and ACC, obeys the concepts of western hospitals and provides patient-centered, high-quality services.

It’s aimed to be fully accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), an independent, non-profit organization that evaluates healthcare organizations around the world and grants accreditation to high standardized ones. Chairman of Board of Directors, Gregory Kuntz says that the hospital will bring different, internationally standardized healthcare services to Georgia, “We hope that raising the standard of healthcare in Georgia will help other local institutions to develop as well.”

The Georgian government, the US Embassy, and the representatives of the medical, business, education, and media fields have attended the opening ceremony. Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia – Natia Turnava, Political and Economic Chief of US Embassy – Michael Honigstein, and the hospital leaders cut the red ribbon of AHT.

After the official opening ceremony, Natia Turnava noted that in the construction of AHT, a large part of the investment was provided by the US Government: “Remarkably, 200 people are employed at AHT and in future, staff will increase to 700. The hospital will serve not only local patients but patients in the Caucasus region, carrying a big role in the recovery and rapid growth of our economy. AHT will also be a contribution to the development of medical tourism, which will grow by creating such ultra-modern medical facility in our country.”

The international standards-based hospital, provider of patient-oriented, high-quality medical care is a fruit of $ 50 million foreign investment. It has been designed with the support of the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and the interests of Georgia. The hospital’s mission is to serve the citizens living not only in Georgia but the Caucasus region itself. Therefore, this will develop medical tourism in Georgia.

According to Michael Honigstein, Head of Political and Economic Affairs at the US Embassy, ​​the United States is pleased to be a partner of this project:

“We are pleased that the United States has been able to bring together donors to support this project. With this, the US expressed

 support and care for the citizens of Georgia. I think this project will contribute to the development of medical tourism in the region. “

AHT is a multispecialty surgical hospital distinguished by highly qualified medical staff and equipment in conformity with international standards. However, to achieve the goal, only modern equipment, and qualified staff are insufficient. It requires proper management to ensure that each patient gets the best service possible.


Ercan Ayyildiz, the Chief Executive Officer of AHT desires to improve the Georgian healthcare system:

“Of course, we can’t do it without high-tech facilities High-qualified medical staff is crucial too. However, this combination is a necessity to achieve the goal that unites our team. It is my responsibility to have medical staff, experienced doctors, and nurses constantly inspired to ensure the best service possible for each patient. That’s key to the success of AHT. Because … I have said these words many times this evening, but they keep me motivated … We exist for Perfecting Health!”

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