#AHT: American Hospital Tbilisi turned 1 – greatest celebration for AHT team!

… a year ago, they once again swore that they would dedicate their lives to the service of people; The health of the patients would be their primary concern; Everything was done to defeat diseases; They would never break the Hippocratic oath, because they get pleasure from fulfilling it… Yes, a common and important idea for each of them spread its wings on October 20, 2021, and the American Hospital Tbilisi of international standards was opened in the center of Tbilisi…

Exactly one year later, the management of “American Hospital Tbilisi” invited each employee, both medical and administrative staff, to Sheraton Metekhi Grand Tbilisi hotel and celebrated the 1st anniversary. The unforgettable corporate evening was opened by the CEO of AHT, Ercan Ayyildiz, and before presenting a video clip summarizing the hospital’s one-year work, he thanked the team for the commitment and support that the they have shown in their responsible work:

“With the support of the governments of Georgia and the USA, this project was completed – American Hospital Tbilisi was opened, is successfully operating and today, we are already celebrating the 1st anniversary together. I would like to thank the whole team! with your support and loyalty we have created a huge number of great stories and in the future we will keep establishing of our niche brand on the medical map of the region”, – noted Dr. Ercan Ayyildiz.

The AHT party filled with joy, gifts and entertainment culminated with memorable cake, which was symbolically cut together in a festive atmosphere

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