#AHT: American Hospital Tbilisi at AmCham’s Traditional Picnic

A traditional, American-style picnic was held on the territory of the US Embassy, ​​organized by the American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham. About 2,000 Georgian, American and foreign guests were hosted at the event dedicated to the 246th anniversary of the signing of the US Declaration of Independence. This year, for the first time, AHT joined the AmCham traditional picnic “American Hospital Tbilisi”.

According to the representatives of the US Embassy in Georgia, the main slogan of this year’s event was “Striving for a more complete union”. This means that the necessary and difficult work of democracy is never done.

On the territory of the US Embassy, ​​guests of the picnic were greeted with various entertainment, “barbecue” and live music. AHT, which became a member of AmCham upon opening, had a special appearance at the picnic.

In the improvised space of “American Hospital Tbilisi”, Georgian and foreign guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with information about the hospital. In order to create a secure, safe and comfortable environment for guests, AHT emergency doctors were also on site. The little guests of the picnic dressed comfortably in the doctor’s uniform and made us remember themselves with funny pictures.

“American Hospital Tbilisi” congratulates the United States on Independence Day!

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