#AHT: Another successful operation at American Hospital Tbilisi – 36-year-old patient’s hearing was restored!

Another difficult operation was successfully completed at American Hospital Tbilisi. Dr. Archil Tsuladze, head of Otorhinolaryngology Department, states that the hearing of a 36-year-old woman, who was diagnosed with otosclerosis, improved significantly after the operation performed at AHT. In about two to three months, after complete rehabilitation, the same operation will be performed on the other ear.

A 36-year-old lady applied to the Otorhinolaryngology Department of American Hospital Tbilisi with the problem of hearing loss. After necessary examinations, the patient was diagnosed with otosclerosis. Dr. Archil Tsuladze explains that during this disease, the movement of the auditory bones is inhibited, which is why the patient needs to receive higher frequency sounds in order for his ears to perceive sounds.

“Otosclerosis can’t be treated with medicine because it’s a mechanical disorder, during which the inner ear plate ossifies. The only solution is surgical intervention, which means that otosclerosis can be cured by surgery. During the operation, we perforate the place of fixation and replace the bone that does not move with a passive implant. We attach the implant to the bones of the ear that are moving and thus improve the movement of the bones in the way of sound transmission. In the end, the sound is transmitted better, which means improved hearing for the patient”, says he.

According to him, a 2.5 mm long implant with a diameter of 0.2 mm is used during the operation. Therefore, this operation requires high-tech, modern equipment and is performed under a microscope. According to Dr. Archil Tsuladze, the incision is inside the ear and after the operation, not even a scar is visible.

“Till now, we have performed approximately 100 surgeries for otosclerosis, and during this time, we have not had any cases of hearing loss or deterioration.The success rate of the operation is quite high, and 98% of patients have a sharp improvement in hearing.”

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