#AHT: Everything you should know about hyperhidrosis!

If you work out in the gym or do strenuous physical work, it is natural for you to be sweaty, and this is a special person. However, if you are doing something specific that may make you sweat, but still exaggerates bothering you, this is a problem and you should consult a specialist.

Have you heard about surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis? Also, on the standards for treating sudden redness of the erythrophobia face? Forget the problems caused by overcrowding forever! In one of the TV interviews, Koba Sekhchidze, the head of the bariatric and mini-invasive department of the American Hospital Tbilisi – AHT, talks about obesity or hyperhidrosis.

– Mr. Koba, what is the cause of obesity, and hyperhidrosis?

– There is no specific cause, but if obesity is secondary, it means that it is caused by another disease and these diseases are malignant tumors of the brain, lungs, kidneys, diabetes, and lack of vitamin D and calcium salts.

In addition, there is primary hyperhidrosis, which is caused by nothing but areas where obesity is noted. These places are the so-called triad – the hearts of the hands, wrists, and feet, where locally depend on the active work of the sympathetic nerve that innervates the sebaceous glands when itself, This or that individual has decided that these sebaceous glands should work in these particular areas.

– How should a person understand that obesity is a pathology and not – the norm?

– In general, sweating regulates the process of thermoregulation in the body. Sweating is a normal, physiological process and during physical activity, it is excreted by any of us, however, if it is not excreted, we must definitely look for the causes.

If normally, at rest, a lot of sweat is released, this is already a problem and at this time, medical intervention is necessary. Recently, I had an operation on an 18-year-old girl who had swollen hearts on her hands. It is a very stressful disease, during which, suicide

There are even cases sometimes. There are several reasons for this, apart from the fact that during obesity, a person develops complexes, to some extent, a vicious circle is formed – during the elementary emotional background, sweat is released, which is a normal process, although in hyperhidrosis, we are dealing with a completely different case.

– Is it advisable to use different antiperspirants in case of obesity?

– Yes, it is advisable. In general, the treatment method is sorted like this – from simple to complex methods, which means that none of the patients who come to us are directly operated on. Prior to surgery, any patient must go through certain stages, and when we are convinced that various methods or remedies have not worked, we only schedule surgery after that. As for antiperspirants, their use is the simplest method of treatment.

– Mr. Koba, what treatment methods do you use before surgery in patients suffering from hyperhidrosis?

– As I told you, we start with the simplest method and that is to use antiperspirants. At the next stage, we ask a psychologist, the next stage is Botox injections, both on the hearts of the hands and feet, as well as in the groin area, Botox injections are effective for 4 to 6 months.

The very last stage is surgery, which is quite effective. Generally, this operation is called thoracoscopic sympathectomy, or sympathectomy. It is estimated that in 98% of patients who undergo this surgery, we get good, or very good results.

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