Prof. Dr. Tamar Megrelishvili

Gastroenterologist, Infectious Disease Specialist, Hepatologist Tamar Megrelishvili has been caring for patients for decades. She was always at the forefront of innovations, continuously assimilated and established new, evidence-based techniques. Since 1982, Dr. Tamar has been an associate professor and head of the Infectious Diseases Department at the TSMU. Tamar Megrelishvili is also a consultant of […]

Prof. Dr. Tsismar Gatenadze

Associate Professor, Dr. Tsismari Gatenadze is focused on modern, mini-invasive procedures in plastic surgery. She got her practice in Israel and is the author of numerous publications. Feeling perfectly functional is essential for women’s health.

Prof. Dr. Zaza Tsitsishvili

In order for the patient to always have the opportunity of delivering the best service from him, PhD Zaza Tsitsishvili, Chief of Gynecology Department at the AHT, was constantly mastering advanced, evidence-based techniques throughout his long career. He has been a surgeon of the gynecological department of hospitals in Germany and the Czech Republic. Dr. […]

Prof. Dr. Zviad Kipiani

The leading cause of death worldwide is cardiovascular disease. So, Zviad Kipiani’s interest in general cardiology, noninvasive cardiology, and especially heart failure was conditioned by this fact. He believes that early diagnosis of the disease and proper treatment prevent complications and increase the life quality. Because heart failure is a secondary disease, it is vital […]

Assist. Prof. Dr. Giorgi Kherodinashvili

Emergency surgery is the most arduous direction in surgery, where the doctor often has to make unusual decisions in seconds. Giorgi Kherodinashvili Ph.D. Asst. Professor has 30 years of experience working in extreme and critical situations. He is open to patients 24 hours a day. He believes that saving people in extreme situations and getting […]

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nino Gzirishvili

Catchy PhD, full of enthusiasm and positiveness has dedicated her life to professional development. Neurologist Nino Gzirishvili is head of the Epilepsy and Sleep Disorders Department at AHT. As she states, training programs, workshops and conferences are the best ways to improve skills, so she is regularly familiarized with the practices of countries around the […]

Dr. Aida Gozalova

After graduating from Tbilisi State Medical University, Dr. Aida continued her professional career in various clinics located in Germany, where along with working in oncology and hematology departments, she was the deputy head of the oncology and hematology department of one of Germany’s leading clinic – EVK Hamm. Dr. Aida Gozalova is a member of […]

Dr. Aleksandre Kakauridze

His clinical activity started in 2004, after graduating from Tbilisi State Medical University, and continues uninterrupted. His main concern is to assess and manage the previous and post-operative condition of each patient. It’s implemented all methods of international standards of anesthesia, preoperative medicine, and pain management in AHT.

Dr. Ana Gureshidze

After graduating from Tbilisi State Medical University, she worked in various multi-profile clinics in Georgia. At various tim1es, she actively participated in international seminars and conferences. American Hospital Tbilisi’s a priority and the first concern is the health of patients. Highly qualified team treats each of them with exceptional care aiming at Perfecting Health!