Dr. Zviad Kipiani

The leading cause of death worldwide is cardiovascular disease. So, Zviad Kipiani’s interest in general cardiology, noninvasive cardiology, and especially heart failure was conditioned by this fact. He believes that early diagnosis of the disease and proper treatment prevent complications and increase the life quality. Because heart failure is a secondary disease, it is vital […]

Dr. Levan Karazanishvili

Levan Karazanishvili, who became famous for unique and innovative surgeries, is licensed in European countries including Great Britain. A doctor with extensive experience is often invited to different countries to conduct masterclasses. His operation was broadcasted live at the World Congress of echocardiography. He returned from emigration for one purpose – to utilize his knowledge […]

Dr. Zaza Tsitsishvili

In order for the patient to always have the opportunity of delivering the best service from him, PhD Zaza Tsitsishvili, Chief of Gynecology Department at the AHT, was constantly mastering advanced, evidence-based techniques throughout his long career. He has been a surgeon of the gynecological department of hospitals in Germany and the Czech Republic. Dr. […]

Dr. Giorgi Obgaidze

Quality of life depends on orthopedic-traumatologists. Age-related injuries of the joints, sudden injuries, fractures reduce the vital functions of individuals. At a time like this, patients make an emergency appointment to visit the most trusted and experienced doctor. That is exactly what Levan Obgaidze is like, the head of the Orthopedic-Traumatology Center of the AHT. […]

Dr. Nino Tsiskarishvili

To return people to a normal lifestyle and maintain their functionality is her major challenge. It’s more than 14 years that dressed in a white coat takes care of people. During this time, she headed the rheumatology department in various leading clinics of Georgia.

Dr. Kakhaber Todua

The knowledge I possess now, it could be said, has passed down through generations, said Kakhaber Todua, a surgical oncologist who heads skin, Soft Tissues, and Bond Tumours Unit at American Hospital Tbilisi (AHT). Kakhaber Todua grew up surrounded by famous doctors. He received his primary medical education from his father, a great oncologist, Raibul […]

Dr. Edisher Maghalashvili

Dr. Edisher Magalashvili, Chief of the Neurosurgery Department at American Hospital Tbilisi (AHT), usually mentions that The greatest power of the physician is to inspire hope in patients. He is in the right place because AHT’s main challenge is to become an icon of hope in the Georgian Medical field. Dr. Edisher crossed the border […]

Dr. Maria Lipka

Dr. Maria Lipka, Pediatrician of American Hospital Tbilisi, is characterized by the caregiving personality for the little ones and their parents. That is one of the reasons why a visit with her feels comfortable and safe. Her success, along with continuous development, was due to this nature. One of the most famous pediatricians in Georgia […]