Dr. Nino Gabidzashvili

Never put your interests ahead of the patients – this is an essential trait doctor should possess. The main reward for a doctor is the trust she receives from the patient, – says doctor Nino Gabidzashvili, who joined the AHT with her team. Trust-based teamwork is a priority for her. She believes that this is the recipe to success for a professional. Nino Gabidzashvili heads the Endocrinology Department at American Hospital Tbilisi. She mentions that logical, analytical thinking, and psychological skills are very important for her specialty, because the regulation of the endocrine glands has very logical mechanisms, while diabetes and obesity management requires a physician to change a person’s lifestyle.


Chief of Endocrinology Department at AHT;
2020 – present
Neuroendocrinologist at Tbilisi Central Hospital;
2018 – 2019
Endocrinologist at Healthycore Clinic;
2017 – present
Lecturer, Endocrinology and Reproduction Module Coordinator at Tbilisi State Medical University, American Program in Graduate Medicine;
2014 – present
Endocrinologist at Mrcheveli Clinic;
2010 – 2018
Endocrinologist at Cardionet Clinic;
2010 – 2017
Endocrinologist at Jo Ann Medical Center;
2008 – 2014
Endocrinologist at Aversi Clinic.


2005 – 2007
Residency in Endocrinology at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University;
1999 – 2005
Tbilisi State Medical University.

Clinical interests

Diseases of the pituitary gland

Thyroid diseases

Diseases of the adrenal glands

Diabetes mellitus


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