Dr. Kakhaber Todua

The knowledge I possess now, it could be said, has passed down through generations, said Kakhaber Todua, a surgical oncologist who heads skin, Soft Tissues, and Bond Tumours Unit at American Hospital Tbilisi (AHT).
Kakhaber Todua grew up surrounded by famous doctors. He received his primary medical education from his father, a great oncologist, Raibul Todua. After, he raised his experience in Turkey, France, the United States, Italy, and Germany. Kakha Todua underwent an internship at the Department of Oncology Surgery of K. Nord Hospital, Marseille, France, Followed by practicum at the National Oncology Center of the US, in Washington. Kakha Todua is a member of the American Association of Oncologists and the American Association of Clinical Oncology. He is also a member of the European Association of Oncologists. Dr. Todua, who has performed many unique operations, is the author of scientific papers.


Head of Unit of Skin, Soft Tissues and Bond Tumours at AHT;
Head of the Skin, Soft Tissue and Bone Tumors Department at Tbilisi State Medical University First University Clinic;
2013 – 2021
Chief of skin, soft tissue and bone tumors department at New Vision University Clinic
2011- 2016
PhD, surgical oncologist at High Technology Center, university clinic
2011 –2020
PhD, Chief of skin, soft tissue and bone tumors department at Tbilisi Cancer Center
2010- 2014
PhD, Oncological Surgery in Hospital ,,Iunona”
PhD, at department of skin, soft tissue and bone tumors of National Center Of Oncology


Tbilisi State Medical University




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