Dr. Elza Apriamashvili

After graduating from Tbilisi State Medical University, she worked at various leading multi-profile clinics in Georgia. Also, she completed an internship in Turkey. The kind, loyal, and professional in her work is the icon of hope for each patient. The main principle of AHT is to create a safe environment for patients and offer the […]

Dr. Imeda Mdivani

He says that the doctor’s profession is one of the most necessary professions on earth, which involves responsibility for the most precious thing in this world – human life. One of the founders of modern medicine, the 16th century physician and philosopher Paracelsus, has a catch phrase – “The presence of a good doctor in […]

Dr. Giorgi Kherodinashvili

Emergency surgery is the most arduous direction in surgery, where the doctor often has to make unusual decisions in seconds. Giorgi Kherodinashvili Ph.D. Asst. Professor has 30 years of experience working in extreme and critical situations. He is open to patients 24 hours a day. He believes that saving people in extreme situations and getting […]