Dr. Imeda Mdivani

He says that the doctor’s profession is one of the most necessary professions on earth, which involves responsibility for the most precious thing in this world – human life. One of the founders of modern medicine, the 16th century physician and philosopher Paracelsus, has a catch phrase – “The presence of a good doctor in a city is a blessing from God” – is its main principle. Dr. Imeda chose the profession of a doctor because working in the medical field means continuous professional development, constant raising of the qualification level in order to treat patients using modern and advanced methods. In addition, the doctor’s profession involves the study of the human body, as well as the knowledge of diseases and fighting them to prolong life.


2022 – present
General surgeon at American Hospital Tbilisi
Internship, Department of Portal Hypertension and Hepatobiliary, Minsk 9th Hospital, Training Practice Center of Surgery Transplantology and Hematology, Belarus.
General surgeon, surgical department, "Medcenter" clinic, Batumi;
General surgeon, oncoproctology department, universal medical center;
General surgeon, surgical department, "Evex"
Internship, Hepatobiliary and Oncoproctology Department, Belarusian Republican Training Medical Oncology Center;


National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, General Surgery, Clinical Resident, Kyiv, Ukraine;
Faculty of Medicine, Tbilisi State Medical University.


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