Dr. Nino Gabidzashvili

Never put your interests ahead of the patients – this is an essential trait doctor should possess. The main reward for a doctor is the trust she receives from the patient, – says doctor Nino Gabidzashvili, who joined the AHT with her team. Trust-based teamwork is a priority for her. She believes that this is […]

Dr. Tina Iordanishvili

Endocrine diseases generally have a long asymptomatic period, which increases the importance of identifying them on time to prevent disease progression – Tina Iordanishvili, an endocrinologist at AHT has that as a goal. Because most endocrine pathologies are chronic diseases, the relationship between doctor and patient is long in time. Tina Iordanishvili believes that this […]

Dr. Nana Nakaidze

DR. Nana Nakaidze, an endocrinologist at AHT, has always thought medicine is the manifest intersection of science and human. Even when she was starting, she comprehended his desires and aspirations, that’s how she became the best in her specialty. After receiving medical education in Ukraine and Georgia, she is constantly developing her professional skills by […]