#AHT: AHT Nursing Department has submitted its annual report

Managers of the nursing department of American Hospital Tbilisi gathered in Savaneti complex in Kakheti. The purpose of the “workshop” held in an informal environment was to review the annual report and present the next year’s action plan. AHT nursing department manager reporting “workshop” of nurses will take a systematic nature and will be held annually in August in an informal environment.

In the beautiful complex of Savaneti, near Tbilisi, Kakheti region, 22 manager nurses of AHT presented their annual report according to their directions. Ia Gelenidze, Chief Nursing Officer of American Hospital Tbilisi says that the main goal of the workshop was to identify problems so that the next year’s strategic plan reflects what has already accomplished, what deficiencies were identified, and how nurses can correct these deficiencies.

“This is a novelty and “know-how” in nursing activity, because at this stage, the organizational structure of nursing hospital management and subsequent reporting practices have not been implemented in any clinic of Georgia. Our main goal our patients to feel safe and comfortable in AHT. In addition, the professional development of our staff and our performance as a quality indicator are remarkable. This was our main focus, on which we made a plan for the next year”, said Ia Gelenidze.

In parallel with the annual report, AHT nurse managers have been able to have some time in some lovely corporate environment. Ia Gelenidze explains that together with the relief, these activities served to reveal and improve the leadership skills of AHT managers.

“Professional development of AHT staff is our priority. The first reporting “workshop” of manager nurses, which was held in a non-working environment is an important principle of the organizational structure of the American Hospital Tbilisi’s management. The annual report also had an introductory nature, in a completely different environment, our manager nurses got to know each other well and shared their experiences. It is important that the nursing team of “American Hospital Tbilisi” will hold a summary “workshop” and present new strategic plans every year,” said Ercan Ayyildiz, the Chief Executive Officer of AHT.

Ia Gelenidze explains that the main goal of the nurses, manager of the nursing department of AHT, is to implement the best nursing practice in the hospital and set an example for other clinics and medical institutions.

“We are determined to encourage the healthcare market. In this regard, we are pleased to have the opportunity to share the standards of hospital nursing management and the achievements we already have with our colleagues, i.e. nurses of different medical institutions. For this purpose, in October 2022, we are planning an international conference, where we will present our results and future plans to our audience. We are going to invite leading nurses from the regions and cities of Georgia, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia and international organizations,” Ia Gelenidze said.

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