#AHT: Excess weight and charity!

Excess weight is a global problem today, which is 2021, took the form of a pandemic. “American Hospital in Tbilisi” – AHT, operates a center for overweight correction and metabolic surgery, where you will be served by a team of professionals with modern approaches, led by Academic Doctor of Medicine, Koba Sekhchidze. Under the guidance of. Under his leadership, three years ago, a group of bariatric patients “Believe to be believed!” Was created, which aims to raise patient awareness, share experiences and demonstrate results

– Mr. Koba, what is the purpose of your group meetings?

– We have created a group of bariatric patients, where we periodically meet patients who have already undergone surgery or are preparing for surgery and are undergoing a preparatory period, as well as patients who have not yet made a decision. The essence of these meetings is to provide patients with more information about bariatric surgeries and treatment methods. However, patients who have already had this type of surgery share their experiences with those who have planned this surgery. Such meetings have two purposes: first – to educate patients and second – to get maximum information about what to expect after surgery.

– In the group of bariatric patients, do you change this type of information or talk to patients about these topics?

– Yes. We make presentations that describe in detail what obesity is, and what its negative consequences are, as well as talk about the diseases caused by excess weight and provide information on what results can be obtained with bariatric surgery.

In addition, all methods of surgical intervention are illustrated to give patients an idea of ​​what type of surgery they need, and what changes are taking place in their body, both structurally and physiologically.

– Do you find it difficult for your patients to adapt to new living conditions?

– We will discuss these issues at the meetings of the group of bariatric patients. In addition, my colleagues are actively involved in the review process. In general, our style of work is to make friends with patients! The bariatric direction is also distinguished by the fact that specific approaches to our patients are needed.

After the operation, when the patient is discharged from the clinic, we do not stop communicating with him, moreover, if he does not make contact himself, we periodically contact him and inquire about their condition. Most importantly, they have our coordinates. After writing, they can contact any of us at any time of the day and get the information they need.

– What restrictions do you impose on patients in the postoperative period?

– For two months, they are given a detailed diet, what time, how much and what kind of food to eat after the operation. After two months, patients switch to a normal diet, they no longer have any restrictions in terms of nutrition. In addition, the patient no longer needs restrictions on both physical activity and nutrition and returns to a normal rhythm of life.

– Mr. Koba, during the group meeting, one of the former patients expressed a desire to help another patient financially, tell us about it.

– Yes, at a meeting where information was made about the financial situation of a socially vulnerable patient, one of the former patients, who had already overcome many problems caused by excess weight, expressed a desire to fully fund bariatric studies for this patient, but refused to disclose his identity.

I would like to emphasize that three years ago, we established the “Bariatric Patients Charity Foundation”, where anyone can have the opportunity to show kindness and help patients at least a little.

Doing good is an integral part of human nature. The grain of goodness is in every person, the main thing is to stir it and apply it correctly. This is the purpose of the Bariatric Patients Charitable Foundation – “We for you!”

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