Nursing Services

Reports To: Chief Nursing Officer

Location: Tbilisi

Shift/Hours of Work: Full Time

General provision:

Senior nurse duties and qualification requirements are based on:

a. National Professional Standard - a practicing nurse who defines and sets out 5 (five) professional duties:

Nursing process management;

* Effective communication with public and a healthcare team;

* Compliance with hygiene and epidemiological standards;

* Maintaining medical records;

* Caring for professional development.

b. Draft document of the vocational education program

Title: Nursing

Registration number: 09109- P

Qualification to be awarded: Fifth Level Vocational Qualification in Nursing

Employment opportunities: Identified in the International Classification of Employment (ISCO-08) as an Associate in Health Care, Nursing Standard Code 3221;

c. Five
 job responsibilities of a Chief Nurse in the hospital management phase:

* Professional;

* Administrative;

* Leadership and organizing;

Field Advisor / Expert;

Communication with doctors / teamwork. 


d. Managerial skills:

* Conceptual skills – Identifying  cause-and-effect, data collection and analysis;

* Technical skills - Experience and clinical skills of a practicing nurse according to the specifics of clinical directions: Intensive Care Unit - ICU, Department of Emergency Medicine - ER, Surgical - OR, Anesthesia; Outpatient direction ACS;  

* Human skills - Evaluate human behavior, perceive, Identifying cause-and-effect, and make the right decisions.


e. Management functions:

Management of clinical direction resources under the structure of the Nursing Service:

* Defining a strategic plan for clinical work;

* Organizing the work process;

     * Leadership, leading the process;


Qualification requirements:

     * High Education or Professional Qualification of the 5th level of nursing;

     At least 5 years of experience as a practicing nurse and at least 1 year experience as a Chief Nurse


The Chief Nurse should carry out:

1. Professional duty:

    a)  Nursing process management:

    b) Effective communication with the public and the healthcare team;

    c) Compliance with hygiene and epidemiological standards - process management;

    d) Maintaining medical records:

    e)  Care for professional development.

2. Administrative responsibilities:

3. Leadership and organizing;

4. Field  Advisor / Expert;

5. Communication with doctors / teamwork.

Personal qualities:

* Humane;

* Punctual;

* Empathic;

* Restrained;

* Reliable; 

* Bona fide.


Professional skills:

* Ability to communicate effectively;

* Ability to think critically;

* Ability to make quick / thoughtful decisions in critical situations;

* Presentation skills - public speaking;

* Ability to manage time;

* Skills of technical / practicing nurse according to clinical practice;

* Ability to plan and manage projects;

* Ability to plan the work process;

* Ability to organize;

* Ability to form and lead a team;

* Ability to control;

* Ability to teach theory;

* Ability to practice teaching.


Additional skills:

    Computer skills: MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, Internet



   English: A1 and higher - compulsory

By submitting CV and personal information, applicant confirms that he/she will undergo through Credentialing process according to AHT Medical Staff bylaws, policies, rules and regulations.

If you have any queries regarding this vacancy, please send an email at [email protected].

We would like to thank all candidates in advance for their interest and only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted.