Dr. Nino Bogveradze

A radiologist of AHT, Nino Bogveradze, is the author of numerous scientific articles in leading European radiology and oncology journals. Regardless of only ten years of work experience, She has gained extensive knowledge and experience at leading European universities and clinics in Georgia and abroad. In addition to the Georgian Association of Radiologists, Nino Bogveradze […]

Dr. Irakli Avazashvili

Dr. Irakli became interested in the profession of radiology while still studying at the Medical Institute. As a result, he mastered the X-ray laboratory case at a high level, which gave him a perception of the principles of image formation, which is necessary for high-level diagnosis in the future. Dr. Irakli Avazashvili successfully passed the […]

Dr. Irakli Avazashvili

Ph.D. Professor Irakli Avazashvili has more than 40 years of clinical, pedagogical, and scientific experience. Radiologist of the AHT says that his specialty is crucial in diagnosing because it makes it available to discover the disease. Through ultra-modern equipment, radiologists have the ability to visualize clinical disease. As he explains, unlike clinicians who can doubt […]

Dr. Tamar Vadachkoria

Radiologists usually have no direct contact with the patient, but despite this, they know that there is a person with a unique medical history behind each examination. With correct and timely diagnosis, it is possible to defeat diseases. Tamar Vadachkoria, a radiologist at AHT, believes that directness and sincerity are critical in a relationship with […]

Dr. Tamar Antia

“When you see the result of an accurate diagnosis and then the correct treatment, it’s the most positive emotion,” noted Tamar Antia, a neuroradiologist at AHT. Our personality depends on our way of thinking, and the organ responsible for it is the brain. That’s why the human brain disorders early detection is so important. Behind […]

Dr. Lali Darchia

Since radiology is the core of modern medicine, this specialty turned out as a priority for Lali Darchia. The radiologist of the American Hospital Tbilisi believes that if you know the human anatomy perfectly and have a good ability to perceive, you will easily identify the condition from the norm. Professional development requires full mastery […]

Dr. Irma Atabegashvili

Accurate and appropriate diagnosis is a guarantee of cure – this was the main motivation for Irma Atabegashvili in choosing her profession. Irma Atabegashvili is a doctor-radiologist and sonographer at American Hospital Tbilisi. She gained enormous experience by participating in multiple professional programs in Georgia and beyond its borders. For years, she worked in the […]

Dr. Ekaterine Razmadze

Timely detection with an accurate diagnosis of the disease and saving people’s lives is a principal challenge for her, so she is constantly developing her skills and knowledge by participating in international studies and conferences.