Prof. Dr. Tsismar Gatenadze

Associate Professor, Dr. Tsismari Gatenadze is focused on modern, mini-invasive procedures in plastic surgery. She got her practice in Israel and is the author of numerous publications. Feeling perfectly functional is essential for women’s health.

Prof. Dr. Zaza Tsitsishvili

In order for the patient to always have the opportunity of delivering the best service from him, PhD Zaza Tsitsishvili, Chief of Gynecology Department at the AHT, was constantly mastering advanced, evidence-based techniques throughout his long career. He has been a surgeon of the gynecological department of hospitals in Germany and the Czech Republic. Dr. […]

Dr. Irina Dvalishvili

Dr. Irina Dvalishvili, an oncologist, gynecologist, and candidate of medical sciences, joined the team of American Hospital Tbilisi. In Moscow, at the People’s Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba of Russia, she simultaneously mastered two specialties, at the medical faculty – medical work, and at the medical English faculty – translator. In 2006, she was […]

Dr. Tamar Tskhomelidze

For gynecologist Tamar Tskhomelidze, Perfecting Health starts with caring for women’s health because a wholesome woman is the origin of a healthy future. A member of the American Hospital Tbilisi team is well versed in the latest prenatal diagnoses methods of rare genetic diseases. Also, in modern practices of screening, prevention, diagnosis, and management of […]

Dr. Yuri Chitanava

After graduating from the First Moscow State Medical University, Dr. Yuri Chitanava continued his studies at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia as a graduate student, where he defended his candidate’s thesis on the topic: „Effectiveness of treatment of chronic pelvic pain caused by adenomyosis“. Within the framework of continuous professional education, he has completed […]