Dr. Eter Margalitadze

Dr. Etuka Margalitadze, Gynecologist, Surgeon (Laparoscopist) and Oncogynecologist of American Hospital Tbilisi is a gynecologist/surgeon of the leading clinics of Georgia, who has deepened her knowledge on the latest medical approaches both in Georgia and in various European countries. Taking into account Georgian and international guidelines, Eter Margalitadze takes care of women’s health – from […]

Dr. Tamar Tskhomelidze

For gynecologist Tamar Tskhomelidze, Perfecting Health starts with caring for women’s health because a wholesome woman is the origin of a healthy future. A member of the American Hospital Tbilisi team is well versed in the latest prenatal diagnoses methods of rare genetic diseases. Also, in modern practices of screening, prevention, diagnosis, and management of […]

Dr. Zaza Tsitsishvili

In order for the patient to always have the opportunity of delivering the best service from him, PhD Zaza Tsitsishvili, Chief of Gynecology Department at the AHT, was constantly mastering advanced, evidence-based techniques throughout his long career. He has been a surgeon of the gynecological department of hospitals in Germany and the Czech Republic. Dr. […]