Irakli Paichadze

Irakli Paichadze is one of the people who has established modern technologies of Gastric Endoscopic Botox Injections in Georgia. This method of resisting excess weight without surgical intervention is quite popular in Georgia today. He completed postgraduate education (clinical residency) in Kyiv. Surgeon-endoscopist Irakli Paichadze, in addition to clinical activities, is Head of the GI […]

Tamar Megrelishvili

Gastroenterologist, Infectious Disease Specialist, Hepatologist Tamar Megrelishvili has been caring for patients for decades. She was always at the forefront of innovations, continuously assimilated and established new, evidence-based techniques. Since 1982, Dr. Tamar has been an associate professor and head of the Infectious Diseases Department at the TSMU. Since 2009 she has been a consultant […]