Dr. Aleksandre Kakauridze

His clinical activity started in 2004, after graduating from Tbilisi State Medical University, and continues uninterrupted. His main concern is to assess and manage the previous and post-operative condition of each patient. It’s implemented all methods of international standards of anesthesia, preoperative medicine, and pain management in AHT.

Dr. Irakli Shonia

Tbilisi State University graduate continued his studies at the University Clinic of Israel and became an anesthesiologist. For years, he worked in the leading clinics of Georgia, as well as in Israel, in one of the top ten clinics in the world – Sheba Medical Center. Dr. Irakli’s extensive experience in both anesthesiology and resuscitation […]

Dr. Temur Gogokhia

Dr. Temur Gogokhia has been working in the intensive care unit since 2004 and manages critical patients. He studied and worked in Ukraine and Israel. His work experience includes Barzilai Medical Center in Israel. The mission of the AHT anesthesiology department is to deliver state of the art anesthesia services in perioperative care, pain management, […]

Dr. Ketevan Arabidze

After graduating from Tbilisi State Medical University, Dr. Ketevan Arabidze continued her studies at the Sheba Medical Center located in Israel, where she completed a course in Pediatric and Clinical Anesthesia. Her work experience covers various multi-profile clinics and hospitals in Georgia. Dr. Ketevan Arabidze is the head of the Anesthesia Department at the AHT […]