“American Hospital Tbilisi” – AHT Radiology-Ultrasound Department offers ultrasound examinations with the latest, high-tech equipment in a pleasant environment. Ultrasound is an instrumental research method that examines human organs through high-frequency sounds. This research method is fast, non-invasive, highly informative, and absolutely safe for health! 

Early diagnosis is of great importance for the successful treatment of the disease. Initially detected disorders and timely initiation of treatment, in almost all cases, result in complete recovery of the patient. In case of delayed diagnosis, it is difficult to achieve the desired result.

Prophylactic ultrasound examinations every 6-12 months ensure early detection of the disease. Therefore, it practically minimizes the unwanted results.

Ultrasound Cabinets in the “American Hospital Tbilisi” are equipped with Philips Devices.

The Philips Affinity 70G is a 3D / 4D dimensional device that allows us to conduct detailed observations of the organism and conduct high-quality studies in energy and spectral modes.

All necessary, urgent, and planned examinations are performed in the AHT Radiology-Ultrasound Department: