American Hospital Tbilisi – AHT Department of Neurology offers patients a modern, evidence-based medical service with a multidisciplinary approach!

The AHT Department of Neurology manages neurological diseases of the central nervous system (head / spinal cord), peripheral part (nerve stems, plexuses, neuromuscular connections, and muscle damage):

The involvement of a physician neurologist is required in the case of urgent neurological disorders such as:

In case of chronic or other, acute disorders, when there are no life-threatening signs (change in consciousness, sharp fluctuations in blood pressure, etc.), the patient should visit a neurologist in the ambulatory care unit, for example:

Department of Neurology of AHT offers patients EEG research that is innovative for Georgia:


There is a neurophysiological laboratory in the hospital:

American Hospital Tbilisi – AHT Department of Neurology is headed by a neurologist, Ioseb Dushashvili.