General Overview

American Hospital Tbilisi Neurological Service includes a multidisciplinary service, which in turn is divided into inpatient and outpatient parts;

The hospital is intended for patients with a general neurological profile, which, depending on severity, consists of ward and intensive care units; long-term EEG monitoring , sleep disorders and PSG monitoring units.

The neurological department is staffed by: highly qualified neurologists, physical therapist, speech and occupational therapist, neuropsychologist and psychiatrist, qualified nursing service.

The hospital offers neurological care of the latest standards, with new techniques and clinical research, based on modern guidelines.

American Hospital Tbilisi – AHT Department of Neurology offers patients a modern, evidence-based medical service with a multidisciplinary approach! The AHT Department of Neurology manages neurological diseases of the central nervous system (head / spinal cord), peripheral part (nerve stems, plexuses, neuromuscular connections, and muscle damage):
  • Epilepsy (severe, uncontrollable forms of epilepsy);
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Stroke (treatment of acute stroke with medical and mechanical means);
  • Memory impairments;
  • Movement disorders;
  • Inflammatory / infectious diseases;
  • Head, face, and other pain syndromes;
  • Other neurological pathologies.
The involvement of a physician neurologist is required in the case of urgent neurological disorders such as:
  • Acute stroke;
  • Heart palpitations;
  • Severe headache;
  • Restriction of movement;
  • Change of consciousness (drowsiness, coma) – in such cases, call 112 immediately and hospitalization will be carried out.
In case of chronic or other, acute disorders, when there are no life-threatening signs (change in consciousness, sharp fluctuations in blood pressure, etc.), the patient should visit a neurologist in the ambulatory care unit, for example:
  • Mild forms of epilepsy or change in consciousness (when there is no strong convulsive attack);
  • Headache;
  • Pain in the spine or limbs;
  • Sensitivity and movement disorders (when severe forms are not suddenly detected);
  • Memory impairment;
  • Dizziness;
  • Imbalance;
  • Neurotic (fears, obsessive-compulsive disorder, functional disorders) condition.
Department of Neurology of AHT offers patients EEG research that is innovative for Georgia:
  • Ambulatory EEG monitoring – with electrodes attached to the head, the patient is allowed to leave the clinic and the recording of 24 hours is made at home settings (as during Holter monitoring);
  • Cerebral cortex “mapping” – an invasive procedure during which electrodes are attached to the surface of the brain to delineate as accurately as possible the seizure onset zone in the event of uncontrolled seizures for further surgical intervention;
  There is a neurophysiological laboratory in the hospital:
  • EEG (short-term, long-term, 24-hour sleep monitoring), polysomnography;
  • Electromyography (in diseases of the nerve, neuromuscular and motoneuron);
  • Duplex scanning of the arteries feeding the brain with a high-tech device;
  • MRI T3 of different modalities;
  • Catheterization laboratory – endovascular interventions: stenting, thrombectomy, “coiling” – Excision of aneurysms;
  • Laboratory – determination of the concentration of certain antiepileptic and psychotropic drugs in the blood. 
American Hospital Tbilisi – AHT Department of Neurology is headed by a neurologist, Ioseb Dushashvili.  


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