American Hospital Tbilisi – AHT Clinical Oncology Department offers a wide range of oncology services to patients:

The main priorities of the AHT Department of Clinical Oncology are professionalism, innovation, patient-centered service, and safety.

At AHT’s Department of Clinical Oncology, every person involved in the treatment of patients – doctor, nurse, pharmacist, psychologist, patient school coordinator, rehabilitation service specialist – constantly receives continuing education, both in Georgia and abroad. The aim of the highly qualified medical staff of the department is to offer Georgian patients treatment in accordance with international standards.

Treatment of each patient in AHT is planned individually, with a multidisciplinary approach, which implies the involvement of specialists from various fields in the process of selecting the most optimal treatment for the patient.

The following are available at the hospital for oncology patients:

AHT’s close contacts with leading clinics in the United States and Europe provide patients with a unique opportunity to hear alternative opinions about their own treatment from experts working abroad as well.

At the AHT Department of Clinical Oncology, oncology patients are treated in a comfortable and pleasant environment where a large team of professionals constantly cares for their lives and well-being. The medical staff of the department give great importance to the safety of patients, therefore the chemotherapy administration process is described in the smallest details.

A versatile logistics control mechanism has been developed to avoid any human error. Safety concerns also apply to personnel in direct contact with cytotoxic drugs. For the first time in Georgia, the international practice of closed medicine preparation has been introduced in the Department of Clinical Oncology of AHT. Using this method minimizes the likelihood of both staff and patients coming into contact with hazardous substances.

In addition to physical health, AHT’s Department of Clinical Oncology prioritizes patient psycho-emotional health care. With this idea, a patient support service was created with the aim of relieving treatment-related psycho-emotional stress and tension as well as rapid post-treatment rehabilitation.

One of the most important part of the patient-centered service is the patient school, which is a completely innovative service in the Georgian reality. Pre-treatment orientation course includes educational work with both the patient and his/her family members. The professional medical staff within the Patient School framework provides comprehensive information to the patient about the expected consequences and possible complications associated with the treatment of the disease. In this way the patient is informed and prepared to receive treatment, Better fulfills the recommendations of the doctor and engages with him in the fight against the disease, which is one of the most important preconditions for success.

Another important innovation is waiting for you in the Department of Clinical Oncology of AHT – Post-treatment rehabilitation program, which aims to return new and normal life to cancer patients after treatment. A large group of specialists is involved in this program:

“American Hospital Tbilisi” – AHT Department of Clinical Oncology is headed by Clinical Oncologist, Natia Jokhadze.