Lab (Laboratory) Department

The operations of the AHT (American Hospital Tbilisi) Laboratory are based on international quality and management standards. In turn, these standards guarantee the most precise diagnosis – with correct and timely results.


The work of the “American Hospital Tbilisi” laboratory is based on international standards of quality and management, in turn, these standards are a guarantee to provide the doctor with the correct result, on which the final diagnosis depends.   The laboratory is equipped with the newest generation of high-tech analyzers:
  •  Hematology Analyzer Sysmex XN 1500 S;
  •  Automated Coagulation Analyzer SYSMEX, CS-2500;
  •  Biochemistry Automated Analyzer Cobas C 311;
  •  Immune Automated Analyzer Cobas E 411;
  •  Automated Urine Analyzer Cobas U 601;
  •  Bacteriological Automated Analyzer VC BTA3D CLN 120;
  •  Automated bacterial identification analyzer Vitek 2 Compact – Studies are performed by highly qualified laboratory medicine specialists and physicians. Daily internal and external quality control guarantees high accuracy!
  The process from pre-analysis, including analytics and post-analysis, is automated. This minimizes the probability of errors, all patients are individually reviewed, and only then is the result confirmed. The goal of the Laboratory Department is to fully meet the demand for laboratory tests and to introduce all new laboratory tests! The main task of the hospital management is to adopt the international standard – JCI, however, the infrastructure of “American Hospital Tbilisi” fully complies with these standards! The areas of laboratory diagnostics:
  •  Immunohematology;
  •  Clinical;
  •  Biochemistry;
  •  Immunology;
  •  Hemostasis;
  •  Molecular diagnostics;
  •  Microbiology;
  •  Morphology;
  •  Cytology.
The laboratory will serve you 24 hours a day! Any patient of the “American Hospital in Tbilisi” will have performed a complete laboratory examination in a timely and high-quality manner!   The laboratory department of “American Hospital Tbilisi” is headed by a laboratory doctor, Manana Tsulukidze.  


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