American Hospital Tbilisi – AHT Resuscitation Department, with 23 beds, is equipped with ultra-modern medical equipment. Taking care of patients’ health and ensuring their maximum safety in accordance with international standards is a top priority for professional medical staff.

The AHT Resuscitation Department consists of four sub-units:

The AHT Resuscitation Department has the capacity to provide a full range of services for a patient in a critical condition of any complexity with multiorgan dysfunction, for which, the hospital has sufficient both material and human resources. The latter implies the best doctor/nurse/patient ratio for offering high-quality service. The main principle of effective work is teamwork among the interdisciplinary departments of the hospital.

The personnel of the Resuscitation Department 24/7 includes:

The medical staff of the AHT Resuscitation Department participates in the continuing education program. For this purpose, scientific conferences, presentations, trainings, dynamic professional evaluation/retraining of the staff are carried out in the hospital on a regular, pre-arranged schedule – in coordination with the Human Resources Department.

The resuscitation department of AHT is headed by critical care resuscitator Maka Mikadze.