The Department of Gynecology of “American Hospital Tbilisi” offers women both outpatient and surgical care.

Outpatient department

The gynecology outpatient department provides medical care to patients according to modern standards. In order to confirm the diagnosis, the department offers patients a full range of services using the latest methods.

Due to many environmental factors, genetic predisposition, and the number of other conditions, the frequency of oncological pathologies has significantly increased. Their delayed detection often results in a difficult and unreliable solution. Our unit focuses on the timely detection and treatment of these pathologies and also their prevention/screening.

Take for example malignant pathologies of the cervix, which is one of the most silent and asymptomatic insidious diseases. Therefore, screening for cervical pathologies, in particular, routine Colposcopy and Pap-test are some of the simplest and safest methods to detect them. Early detection of cervical dysplasia is a guarantee for survival!

Highly qualified doctors of the Gynecology outpatient department offer complete gynecological examinations to patients. They are the ones who create the various Check-Up packages, which in turn implies early screening and timely treatment.

In addition, every mother wants her child to be born healthy and beautiful, so caring for a child should start from the mother’s health, and caring for the little one – from the time of pregnancy. Thereforeproper planning and subsequent management of pregnancy is a prerequisite for health!

Diseases – Cervical diseases are divided into benign and malignant pathologies. Even any benign pathology that we cannot detect in time and therefore do not treat, after a certain period of time can lead to irreversible damage.

Any symptom that the patient does not pay attention to and considers insignificant is, in fact, worthy of attention and It is possible to turn out to be crucial!

What are the symptoms associated with cervical cancer?


The Gynecology outpatient department is equipped with the latest medical technologies, allowing professional doctors to detect gynecological pathologies in patients early and in time, in particular, detect oncological pathologies in time and carry out screening, which includes:


Surgical Department 

The gynecological surgery department of the “American Hospital Tbilisi” offers patients a full range of gynecological and onco-gynecological services.

Accurate diagnosis and highly qualified treatment of any gynecological and oncologic pathology are carried out here.

The hospital is equipped with advanced European quality equipment.

Gynecological and onco-gynecological surgeries of any scale are performed by ultra-modern, both laparoscopic and hysteroscopic methods, as well as with abdominal section and vaginal approach. 

Modern treatment methods and patient-centered approaches are used for treatment:


Gynecologic oncology surgeries:

The Department of Gynecology and the surgical department is headed by Zaza Tsitsishvili, Oncologist, Doctor of Medicine;

The outpatient department is headed by obstetrician-gynecologist Tamar Tskhomelidze