#AHT: Traditional New Year’s gifts for the American Hospital Tbilisi’s patients

American Hospital Tbilisi has been operating in the center of Tbilisi for one year already for the Perfecting your Health! For one year, it has become a tradition to give a New Year’s surprise for patients who, due to health problems, spent this important holiday of the year in hospital wards.

The AHT team traditionally took care of the mood of the patients who met the New 2023 Year at our hospital. On December 31, the Chief Executive Officer of American Hospital Tbilisi, Dr. Ercan Ayyildiz, along with other team members of the management and doctors, gave symbolic gifts to the patients and wished them a quick recovery.

American Hospital Tbilisi congratulates you on the new year 2023!

Remember, our experienced doctors and nurses treat not only diseases, but a specific person, behind whom his/her family and friends are also recognized!

We work for Perfecting your Halth because there is no higher value than human life!

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