#AHT: A special surgery performed by AHT Maxillofacial surgeons

A special surgery was performed on a 26-year-old patient at American Hospital Tbilisi. Head of Maxillofacial Surgery Department, Dr. Vano Saparishvili notes that surgery lasted more than 4 hours. The operation was performed on dystopian (uncut) teeth with an approach from the side of the soft palate, which were pushing the front teeth with the crowns and causing quite serious problems. Tooth dystopia means a stop in growth after the term of its cutting is over.

The patient is a former athlete, has been doing gymnastics since childhood, because of this, she received an injury on the upper jaw and the alignment of the teeth in the mouth was messed up. She says that even twenty years ago, dentistry was not developed enough to solve her problem. The problem, as she herself tells us, is quite serious:

“It all started when I decided to solve the problem of deformity of the upper jaw. Several oral and maxillofacial surgeons refused to treat me. The reason was that I have a dystopian or reclining mouth, plus my wisdom teeth, which are in such a bad position that I am at a very high risk: I might lose my front teeth and get a jaw deformity. As I told you, several maxillofacial surgeons suggested to me to remove the recumbent teeth, but by dissecting the upper alveolar ridges of the upper jaw and removing the anterior incisors, that is, everyone suggested an approach from the upper side of the upper jaw, which created a high risk of losing all the incisors. Finally, my friend advised me to go to Vano Dr. Saparishvili, who is one of the strongest maxillofacial surgeons, and that’s how I ended up at the American Hospital Tbilisi”.

Due to the fact that for years, the young lady had a dystopian rash in the cool palate area, the upper jaw did not develop to the physiological norm. It is true that she did not lose the ability to speak and eat, as well as the chewing function, but in reality, she was facing a serious problem.

“I overcame the difficulty of the surgery, we avoided the risk of losing the front teeth and deforming the jaw. The operation was successful, but the postoperative period was quite difficult. My condition has improved significantly, but I still have a long way to go before the problem is finally resolved – in six months, I will need another operation. There is a problem of bone deficiency in the oral cavity, and an artificial bone must be implanted,” says she, explaining that after six months, it will be time to fill the loss in the oral cavity, for which an orthodontist consultation will be needed to straighten the alignment of the teeth.

According to the head of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of American Hospital Tbilisi, Dr. Vano Saparishvili, the special feature of this surgery is that they kept all four upper incisor teeth, left the upper alveolar ridge without injury, and with an approach from the side of the soft palate, the patient underwent dystopic extraction.

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