AHT Quality Principles

• Ensure the Safety and Quality of Care Through Provision of Joint Commission International Principles.

• Develop and Implement Internal Quality Management Systems to reach the Best Clinical Outcomes.

• Customize and Implement International Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines and Protocols as Decision Support Systems. 

AHT Quality Domains


  • Achieving the best operational and clinical performance supported by scientific evidence.


  • Reaching a high level of performance and patient care using adequate resources. 


  • Providing health care of equal quality to those who may differ in personal characteristics other than their clinical condition or preferences for care.

Patient centeredness

  • Meeting and exceeding patients' needs, preferences, and expectations and providing education and support.


  • Ensuring patient and staff safety and security. 


Obtaining needed care while minimizing delays. 

AHT will drive the evolution of the Quality Systems in Georgian healthcare to become the most trusted healthcare provider, providing an outstanding level of quality and care.